Logo for WordCamp San Antonio 2015

WordCamp San Antonio 2015 is officially debuting to our great WordPress community. A group of passionate WordPress lovers/users got together and convinced the people at WordCamp to allow us to have this world-wide event here in our great city. I happen to be one of those lovers/users and was able to be on the organizing committee and lend my design and development skills to benefit the team. This means I was able to create the first-ever WordCamp San Antonio logo and I am super honored and proud!

I thought it might be fun to share my design process for this project and give you a little insight on how I accomplished the final designs. In an initial brainstorm, I checked out out some of the other WordCamps from around the world and evaluated what kind of graphics they created. A very common theme was to obviously represent the city itself by using well known icon, typically a building or landform, to be apart of the logo. I definitely wanted represent San Antonio but I didn’t want to show images of the Alamo or the Riverwalk. Those types of imagery are what would be expected and I wanted this to be more lively and get people excited about our diverse community. Then talking about my ideas with some of the other organizers, the San Antonio Spurs came up and I immediately thought of using the spur and modifying it to look like a “W” for WordCamp. Originally I thought of just creating the “W” but then I thought of hand lettering the rest of the word in the same style the spur was designed in.

I documented my process visually because it was super fun to do!

Hand Lettering on WordCamp San Antonio Logo

Sketching out WordCamp San Antonio Logo

Aiming For The Right Dimensionality


Putting Them All Together

Full set of hand drawn lettering of the logo

Re-created In Illustrator

Initial WordCamp Satx Logo Variations

Creating Simplified Variations

Full to minimal WordCamp San Antonio Logo

Mock Of WordCamp San Antonio T-Shirt

Mockup of the WordCamp San Antonio T-Shirt

Back Of T-Shirt Detailing

Logo variation on the back of the shirt

After creating the “W” in Illustrator, I printed it out and traced shapes onto other pieces of paper to then try to hand draw the rest of the letters. I felt that this was more helpful than trying to accomplish all of this detail initially in Illustrator. Once I had them the way I wanted them, I simply pinned them next to my computer and hand drew / vectorized them in Illustrator.

I had a few color options in mind but in the end I had to stick with the black, silver, and gold. I ended up with the full logo but wanted to slowly pair it down / simplify it into a few variations until I only had the spur “W”. This allowed me to have a few variations for the back of the t-shirt, stickers, or anything else we could think of putting it on. Great for swag!

In the end, all the pieces fell together and I am very proud of the outcome. I hope that I was successfully able to represent San Antonio and that you all love it! Thank you so much to all the other organizers for letting me be apart of this historic event and allowing me to put my design style onto it. You guys rock!! Stay tuned for another article about getting to develop the WordCamp San Antonio website!