The LoopConf 2015 Las Vegas

Greetings from the beautiful Westin Lake Resort & Spa where the first-ever LoopConf is being held. The resort is absolutely breathtaking and the Twitter buzz is palpable. LoopConf is the self-proclaimed “Greatest conference ever created for WordPress developers” and from the crazy amount of talent, not only speaking but also attending, I have no doubts they will prove this point.

I have always been an avid supporter of WordCamp, attending both the Austin Texas event and the San Francisco event in 2014. Then in January of 2015 helped co-organize the first-ever WordCamp San Antonio Texas where I was able to meet some of the great people in our WordPress community. WordCamps all over the world typically share topics for a diverse range of WP uses like user, blogging, social media marketing, SEO specialists, designers and developers. What makes LoopConf so unique, and in my opinion attractive, is that is is solely focused around developers. We get two full days of developer-centric knowledge and a full day of hands on workshops. And the most exciting part is that the people presenting are leaders in their fields and the topics they are covering are currently relevant and future forward.

For everyone who is currently smashing their heads on their keyboards for missing this event, don’t fret! They will be live streaming each presentation! Check out for full details.

I will be taking copious amounts of notes and plan to share all the information I can with you guys and gals through a series of articles documenting what I learned in each session.

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