Google App called Word Lens

Google has always been a powerhouse in the acquisition of new and upcoming technology. So when you see them buy something from another company you know that it is gonna be something special. To give them an edge up from their already wonderful Google Translator, they have purchased Word Lens from a company called Quest Visual. This new app is a visual language translator that works through the built-in camera on your phone or device.

How Does It Work?

Once Google got their hands on it they turned it over to the public for free! That’s right folks, go download the new Google Word Lens App from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can currently use the trial version of it for free. When you first download it you will receive a few language packs for free. Then when the trial period is over the app will still be free to download but then you pay for the language packs you want.

The app is very easy to use and so far has only had a few inaccuracies. Simply open the app, point your camera at the language you need to translate, preferably something like a sign or something with larger letters. I found that it doesn’t work well with long bodies of text and small font size. The screen literally translates the language visually and replaces the language on the sign into the language you have requested. No joke! I had to download it and try it myself.

Watch the YouTube video from Quest Visual and see the new Google Word Lens App in action.

What’s The Point?

I am sure you are asking, “What does this have to do with WordPress and/or web design/development. At the 2014 Austin Wordcamp I sat in on a breakout session where the speaker talked about new technology in web development. One specific technology he discussed was your website having the ability to see the person visiting it and could actually recognize facial expressions. Based on those facial expressions you could evaluate how different parts of your website are working for the viewer. It could also potentially see a negative expression and immediately change to different content. Way cool stuff!

I feel that it is important in our field to stay on top of many different types of technology because we can see that this type of futuristic hardware and software are actually happening now! This is our near and present future folks. One thing we should all do is stay current with hardware because new and advancing hardware will sculpt the way we design and build websites in the future. We want to be not only prepared but proactive with web solutions for up and coming devices.

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Download for Android

Download for Apple

Thank you to Quest Visual for the YouTube video and screenshot!