In this full, ten part tutorial you will learn how to build a WordPress theme from scratch. Each tutorial focuses on specific template files you need to structure the WordPress theme, as well as, little tips and tricks along the way that will help you build out the functionality in your site. This tutorial was created for beginners interested in building WordPress sites from scratch or for those developers who have been customizing WordPress sites with Child templates. It was written with the intent to break some of the more technical aspects down into simple language we all can understand.

Build A Custom Site In 10 Easy Steps:

  1. header.php
  2. home.php, front-page.php, and index.php
  3. 404.php, search.php, and searchform.php
  4. page.php
  5. single.php
  6. sidebar.php
  7. category.php and tag.php
  8. footer.php
  9. functions.php
  10. style.css

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I have learned so much over the past few years in my WordPress theme development journey by some really great folks writing very detailed tutorials. Here is a list of some of the best WordPress development tutorials I have found:

I hope you enjoy your journey towards becoming a WordPress theme master! Please don’t hesitate to comment on a tutorial if you don’t understand something. I am always happy to clarify!