PSD Covers Website - Amazing Free PSD Mockups

Every designer can benefit from free PSD mockups, and man do I have a resource for you today! A website called PSD Covers has one of the largest and most comprehensive free PSD mockups I have every found on the internet. But not only that, they come as Photoshop actions so you literally design what you want and drop it onto their pre-made template. Once you are done you simply click play in the actions panel and watch your mockup come to life right before your eyes.

PSD Covers Photoshop Actions

If you don’t know what a Photoshop action is or how to use it, PSD Covers has a tutorials section that has everything you could need to get started.

Where To Start

On the right side of their website they have a tag cloud with specific topics you might be interested in making. I always peruse through it first to see if I can find what I am wanting to mockup.

Free PSD Mockups by Category

Just Below the Category list you will find a few random mockups that could spark a great idea or solve a time crunch problem.
Random PSD Mockups For Free

While I was in design school I stumbled upon this wonderful resource while scouring the internet for free PSD mockups. What I found most useful and is the real gem within the site is all of the different variations of Apple products. These mockups are very high resolution and can take the presentation of your work up to a professional level in minutes.

IMac free psd Mockup

Head on over to PSD Covers and load up on all the free PSD mockups you can gather. These mockups are another great tool for your design tool belt and can really impress your employers or clients. I will be posting as many of these types of resources as I find them so please stay tuned!

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