Flat butts never looked so good

Love it or hate it…flat design is in! In the mainstream media bubble butts are the new craze. Well a New York art director named Peter Jostrand decided to shake things up a bit and create Flat Butts. What is Flat Butts you ask? Go check it out for yourself…it is a must see. Picture this…minimalistic art combined with animal butts! Yeah I said animal butts!

You Gotta See This

Flat Butts Pig Peter Jostrand

Ok, here it is…black dot in center, a friendly nod to minimalism. Pink background. Curly line above black dot. Pig Butt! And the greatest thing is he already has 50 others he is working on and a plethora of additional animals to choose from! So it isn’t revolutionary but very few things on the web are these days. Just enjoy the butts!

Poodle Flat Butts Peter Jostrand

Cow Flat Butts Peter Jostrand

Pikachu Flat Butts Peter Jostrand

Monkey Flat Butts Peter Jostrand

Parrot Flat Butts Peter Jostrand

Whale Flat Butts Peter Jostrand

This really goes to show you that even the simplest ideas can create some really wonderful design. And if looked at and marketed in the right way could really make a great social awareness campaign proving to the world that flat butts never looked so good!