Advanced Custom Fields Tutorial

In this Advanced Custom Fields Tutorial we are going to cover how to use this simple yet powerful tool to develop customized and interactive edit screens and custom meta fields. WordPress does a great job of providing an easy user experience but there are some things that can still be improved on when developing a site for someone else to use. Sometimes we need to add custom input fields in the dashboard, create specific pages for all of the home page settings, or even build a page builder that will allow your clients to build their own website (kinda). You can create fields using code from the WordPress Codex but by using Advanced Custom Fields you can create incredible dynamic user experiences without having to code your life away and wasting all of your budget. Let’s take an in-depth look at this plugin.

WordPress Development Tools for 2016

Top 6 WordPress Development Tools For 2016

The holidays are approaching and soon we will be entering 2016, just in time for us to look at a few WordPress development tools we aren’t going to want to live without. There are numerous tools available for developers but this list of the top 6 WordPress development tools comes straight from my workflow. These resources have taken my development skills to the next level and decreased the time it takes me to finish a site. Let’s go ahead and look at the first one:

Site Ground is the best hosting company for WordPress websites

The Best WordPress Hosting For 2016

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting, look no further! I was recently in the market for a new hosting company that specialized in WordPress because I was really tired of hearing “Well we don’t really know much about WordPress” from the customer service/support team. I thought to myself, well isn’t WordPress the CMS for 23% of the web? Indeed it is and growing as we speak. So I set out to find the best WordPress hosting company I could find. There are quite a few good choices but, in my opinion, Site Ground is the best! Here is why:

Cloud 9 Error Fix For WordPress Installations

Cloud 9 Error Fix For The Preview URL Change On WordPress Installations

UPDATE: Cloud 9 decided to revert back to their previous url structure as it caused worldwide issues.

At some point over the weekend Cloud 9 updated their preview url from to which caused all of the WordPress installations to break. Here is the Cloud 9 error fix to get your WordPress sites back up and back to developing.

Learn how to use WordPress Action Hooks and Filters

WordPress Action Hooks And Filters | Live On Periscope

Learn how to use WordPress action hooks and filters in this live broadcast from Periscope. In September’s Advanced WordPress Meetup Group I gave a lecture on how to understand what action hooks and filters are and how to use them to enhance your WordPress development capabilities. 

How to build a simple WordPress plugin

How To Build A Simple WordPress Plugin | Live On Periscope

I recently taught a class on how to build a simple WordPress plugin to the San Antonio Advanced WordPress Meetup Group. I was surprised and honored to find out that a good friend and fellow WordPress evangelist Yusuf Chowdhury wanted to Periscope the tutorial. Join in the fun and watch it below!

How to use the WP_Query function in WordPress

How To Use The WP_Query Function

Knowing how to use the wp_query function can truly take your development skills to the next level. The purpose of the wp_query function is to extend/customize the WordPress loop, giving you very specific queries and producing some very powerful functionality in your websites. It is definitely a more complex piece of code and requires a lot of precise pieces of information but once you learn the basics it is easy to get the hang of using it.

The LoopConf 2015 Las Vegas

The First-ever LoopConf 2015

Greetings from the beautiful Westin Lake Resort & Spa where the first-ever LoopConf is being held. The resort is absolutely breathtaking and the Twitter buzz is palpable. LoopConf is the self-proclaimed “Greatest conference ever created for WordPress developers” and from the crazy amount of talent, not only speaking but also attending, I have no doubts they will prove this point.

Learn how to write wordpress if statements

How To Write WordPress If Statements

Knowing how to write WordPress if statements can help you take your websites to the next level. They are meant to pose a question and based on the answer to that question you can do or show something. This can be a really powerful tool in your development work belt, especially with the conditional tags WordPress already has built into the core. In this tutorial, I am going to give you the basics of WordPress if statements and provide a few real world examples.

Learn about the new WP-API

Get To Know The WP-API

The WP-API is revolutionizing the way we use WordPress. In this presentation I gave at the first-ever WordCamp San Antonio, I introduce you briefly to the WP-API and show you how and why it will affect everyone who uses WordPress.